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Globalization essay

May 6, 2013

Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss.


In the present age, the globalization is the emerging trend has affected many our lives. There is a controversial debate of the two-side impacts of globalization on our lives. Some people argue that stakeholders of globalization have received fundamental benefits, some contend the drawbacks should be considered as well.

It can not be denied that globalization occurrence has played a pivotal role in both global and local corporate. In order to survive in the competitive market, companies have to rehabilitate their structure, deriving to the lean operation and flexibility. Hence, operation cost will be saved economically, resulting in the decreases in price of products and increases in the consumer society. Moreover, local tourism’s beauty could be dramatically promoted beyond one country’s border to all over the world by dint of the introduction of technology. For examples, Vietnam tourism sector has been contributed markedly to the gross domestic product and national total income budget.

Admittedly, profit – driven globalization has severely affected on our lives in some aspects. The most vulnerable element is culture identity assimilation and languages extinction. Nowadays, English and Chinese which is considered as the most popular languages using worldwide have made a replacement of many local languages. Furthermore, people tend to respect international culture value rather than their conventional one. For instances; young people like to enjoy pop music instead of listening to folk songs as their older generation used to do.

All in all, I believe that globalization is the unavoidable trend. We should possess open minded attitude to adapt to the new environment and consider all these impacts on thorough views.


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