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Sporting Essay

April 17, 2013

Many people want their country to host an international sporting event. Others believe that international sporting events bring more problems than benefits. Discuss both views and state your opinion.


There are frequently competitions to reserve the right to stage transnational events. While some people argue that hosting a significant worldwide sporting celebration brings many problems to a country, I fairly believe that the benefits involved in organizing such events are worthwhile.


There are some unquestionable reasons why some people object the view of organizing the international sporting events. Above all is the waste of public money to establish specific facilities and building just for this competition event within a short term. In fact, because of particular characteristics, these infrastructures could not be used after these contests. This budget, it is argued, should be spent for education, welfare or public pension. Secondly, pressure on locals when a huge number of tourist coming from different countries during the time of organizing might lead to unsecured living condition for this country’s citizens.


In contrast, there is some merit when a nation hosts this kind event. First of all, on the perspectives of finance, this is the value chance in order to attract huge international investment from multinational corporate and organizations. This amount of money could be utilized to restructure the old buildings, improve public transport and accommodation. Moreover, for some people, the honor and prestige of the host country could be beyond any price. That is, during the period of the event, this country’s image will be conveyed widely, attracting many people who would come in order not to only enjoy the event but also discover the native culture and value.

As mentioned above, I support the view of bidding to organize a sporting event as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Citizens and government could positively enjoy certain benefits it brings.


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