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True Communication – True CSR.

December 15, 2012

Along the pathway of 6 months working as CSR auditor, I myself realize the direction I chose is not the easy to follow. Since I had started my job in May this year – everything still on the the way that I used to planned. However;  up to now, even there are a list of projects/ audits that I have been experienced – some of these are continued to be achieved –  a question of true CSR – which was  kept in my mind from the begining – is more offen and the answers seem to be more difficult to be resolved.

At any converstions, or some kind of dialogue, with any sort of stakeholders engagement level – workers, top management, brand representative, or consutant form NGOs – my top note on the list is always self reflection and communication. Eventhough, all stakeholders are one the same boat of belief of getting through on the sustainable development , there are still more challenge that they have to overcome: communiation. Problem in communications means so much that the human engagement, process and results may stay fully far from the planned expectation. Different people with different background education, different position in company, some of them are even literate, require different resources to engage on the way of mutual relation and sustainable growth.

Collaboration platform is needed to letch on the message of communication. This flatform in which every stakeholders understand their role and their level of participation for contributing, harmonizing benefits, with limitation of resources.   the different stage for collaboration is the most difficult challenging and valuable parts of sustainable development.

and we still on the way to get it: True Communication – True CSR.


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